From the Principal’s Desk

Welcome to St. John the Baptist School!

We are a Catholic school committed to providing a faith-centered education.  We embrace our Catholic identity, strive for academic excellence, and encourage serving God and others. We provide a nurturing and faith-centered environment where children are encouraged to do their very best to reach their potential. We attend Mass weekly and make prayer and praying together part of our daily routine.

St. John the Baptist School staff members are encouraged to participate in professional development opportunities that will enrich and improve the educational program that we offer.  We strive to offer a program that is interdisciplinary in approach, using a wide range of audio-visual and technology tools that will enhance student learning.  The curriculum guidelines set forth by the Milwaukee Archdiocese and the State of Wisconsin guidelines, are followed in the teaching of all secular subject areas.  The curriculum is marked by current content and fresh approaches to methodology to keep our school competitive in the 21st century.

Besides the core subjects, St. John the Baptist students attend Art, Spanish, Physical Education, Guidance class and Music weekly.  Forensics, Chess, Student Council, Basketball, and Volleyball are the extracurricular opportunities available for students to participate in.  St. John the Baptist School stresses the importance of sharing God-given talents and gifts with others.

St. John the Baptist School prepares students to know, love, and serve God, community and one another now and in the future through a faith-centered and child-centered environment.  We provide an environment that is spiritually nourishing, morally sound, academically challenging and socially interactive. We strive to instill in our students not only a sense of importance of education, but also the importance of life-long education and the attainable goals that are within their grasp. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about St. John the Baptist School.  If you would like to learn even more about it, please feel free to contact the school at (920) 893-5961.


Mrs. Amy Nelson


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